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Who are we

Frank, a highly-skilled brewer, started his passion for the brewery when his wife brought home a brewery kit for Christmas. This passion resulted in a brewery shop called Kassik’s Brewery. Now, if you are looking for the best place to stay in while you are in Nikiski, you’ve finally found the right place. 

Should you have any inquiries or you want to book a reservation, please leave a message on the contact information provided above. You may also add your email to your mailing list to keep updated with the latest brew events and news we’ve got for you.  

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Cultivate the culture of drinking

It is easy to fall in love with beers and liquors along with the cultures behind it. A brewery is a form of art most popular among gentlemen. We drink not just for having fun but delving beyond the culture as well. Kassik’s Brewery had been serving over the last couple of years, providing the best place to relax to travelers and beer enthusiasts.

Contrary to the common misconception of beer harming your health, it can offer several health benefits. It’s not just about drinking the beer and having fun but also digesting the culture of the local with every gulp you take into your system.

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