Treatment For Drug Addiction – Getting Beyond the Dependency of Drugs

Most drug addicts get into drug use after experiencing some traumatic experience such as the death of a loved one, an accident, the loss of an important relationship or even after learning of the existence of a terminal illness. The addict then goes into a state of denial where he or she needs an additive in order to “cope” with life. Initially, the addict rationalizes that he or she is able to keep the drug usage under control. Sometimes the drug, such as methamphetamine, will promise the user an ecstatic high that blankets the present pain of living and offers a thrill that surpasses all else that the addict has ever known and in so doing attempts to numb reality.

Once the addict has solidly settled into regular drug use, the chemicals in your body balance are altered to where it needs the drug in ever-increasing amounts in to produce the same high. At this point, the addict is overwhelmed by feelings of helplessness and no longer has any control. It is at this juncture that he or she needs immediate help. Let us examine the treatment for drug addiction.

Social treatment

There are those of the school of thought that in order to transition the addict to full recovery, the root cause of the addiction has to be tackled. In other words, the hurt, pain, and disappointment that caused the addict to fall into addictive behavior have to be addressed. This is where friends and family come in handy in loving and supporting the addict back to life. It’s at this point that the addict needs a support system. Attending an addicts’ recovery group such as the 12-step program also serves the same purpose.

Anti-addictive drugs

The same way there exists drugs which induce an addiction, doctors, and pharmacists have also formulated medicines that combat that same addiction. These drugs such as methadone, attempt to restore the body’s original chemical balance so that the addictive drug loses its hold on the addict. One downside to these anti-addictive drugs is that they are themselves addictive if taken without a prescription.

At a rehab center which specializes in drug addictions and treatments, medical and psycho-therapeutic treatments are provided for patients dependent on substance and intoxicants. They work closely with the intention of stopping substance abuse and to prevent any further disastrous consequences that may happen in the future with substance abuse.

Drug addiction rehab centers in Florida are of various types and would deal with a patient in accordance to the condition and issues they walk into the center with. To treat a patient as an inpatient or an outpatient one would be based solely on the extent of the addiction and the level of cooperation the patient would adhere to provide while the course is on. There would surely be a varied difference in how the treatments are carried out from one rehab center to another and so would be the philosophy they follow. They all would practice in the same manner with an initial phase of detoxification that goes on forward to therapy and finally into the 12 Step treatment methods.

The drug addiction rehab center would take into account the withdrawal symptoms and side effects that is caused while the treatment is on. This would be resolved to a great extent with the help of proper sleep, medication, therapy and counseling sessions conducted from time to time. Those who opt for inpatient treatment would have to follow the strict checkup norms even when the treatment is completed and done with.

Drug addictions therapies post-treatment include meetings counseling, and even sessions, which could be one on one or in a group to check on the patient’s progress post the treatment and for socializing with the new entrants. This would not only motivate them to be aware of how important their life is but also help others by sharing their experiences and how to manifest self-control by avoiding temptations in the long run so they could be saving yourself from addiction.

Finally, a drug addiction rehab center in Florida would also bring to notice of the revering addicts the reasons why they became addicts in the first place. For this, an expert would be called in to help them deal with stress, trauma or emotional attacks if any. Not all would be ready to accept since a denial of the cause is one of the prime reasons why they got into such a habit, but with proper spiritual and emotional help, one realizes how important their lives are, and thus they make firm decisions to grab life once again and live it to the fullest.