What You Need To Know Before Buying CBD Vape Oil

In recent years, vaping has taken the smoking industry by storm and it’s currently the new “buzz” which all smokers are talking about. According to studies and user reviews, it is crystal clear that vaping essential oils not only provide a lot of therapeutic benefits, but the use of cannabis oils also offer relief to certain chronic conditions.

Vaping CBD

According to the cannabis industry companies, vaping CBD makes them more potent than smoking it. Therefore, you have to be careful when vaping since it’s the most efficient way to get the drug into your system. An overdose of CBD Vapor can clearly lead people to suffer from its side effects that may have adverse effects on the consumer. Nevertheless, this experience of consuming CBD vapor if far-reaching than the other alternative oil drops. Much said, let’s have a look at the important things to note before indulging in consumption of CBD Vapor.
1. Know the differences between CBD oil and CBD Vape oil
When purchasing CBD oil vape juice (e-liquid) you might think its one and the same thing as the CBD oil. However, they are quite different. CBD oil is meant for oral consumption, it is not for smoking. On the other hand, CBD vape juice is made to be vaporized and inhaled as a vapor. Therefore, you should be careful about which product you order. Just make sure you get the right product for your preferred doing.
2. CBD oil vape juice bases
When it comes to its bases, two major concepts crop up: The PG and VG. These two terms mostly confuse many users, but its knowledge is quite important for those who want to consume CBD Vape. Let’s have a look at what these two terms mean.
PG (propylene glycol) – this is a clear liquid that is used as a flavoring carrier in foods and other edible products. The product has been used in nebulizer and asthma inhalers for many years and delivers the desired flavor very well.
VG (Vegetable glycerin) – this is a colorless, tasteless and odorless viscous liquid that is derived from plants such as the palm or soya beans. VG is basically thicker than PG and it doesn’t dissolve the CBD Very well as PG does. However, it produces better vapor than PG and it’s a little bit sweeter.
Therefore the next time you want to buy CBD oil, always have a look at its base. CBD vape oil having both elements can give you the satisfaction of a lifetime.
3. Flavors
Today there are so many flavors to choose from when picking Vape CBD oil. Since these juices contain 5 – 20% flavor, most manufacturers can either use natural or artificial flavoring. Therefore, choose according to your preference. The taste is still the same though.
4. The rules for Vaping
Since CBD vape oil originates from the Cannabis (hemp) plant, all the rules apply for CBD also apply for its vape juice. This simply means that everything you would love about CBD oil has been transferred into the new CBD vape smoking experience. In a nutshell, it is just an improved way of consuming CBD.
Is CBD oil vapor superior to CBD oil?
When comparing CBD vape to CBD Oil, the CBD vapor tens to show more effects and benefits compared to CBD oil. This is mainly because when consuming CBD oil orally, you limit the amount of bio-available CBD in your body. This means the quantity of CBD which gets into your bloodstream is drastically reduced after you have ingested it. This, in the end, limits the power and goodness of CBD.

On the other hand, Vape CBD oil allows you to create more CBD bio-available and sends it to the bloodstream faster and more efficiently. In a nutshell, when you consume vape CBD oil, you will be giving your body a better chance to enjoy the maximum amount of potency available within the vape CBD oil.


It’s is crystal clear that vaping CBD oils are the best way to experience its power and potency. Therefore, if you are considering getting some CBD for your personal or medical use, it goes without saying that vape CBD oil is the right product for you. Well, we hope you learned a lot, but certainly that is not all there is to know about CBD oil.  Get educated with more information, you can learn about cbd vape oil here in this great article.