Tips for a Successful Brewery Tour in Nikiski

The brewery tour is a great change for beer enthusiasts to visit various brewery shops and explore the Nikiski as well. Now, before you get too pumped up with the idea of tasting different beers and gaining new friends, create a plan for a successful brewery tour. Here are the following tips to keep in mind:

  1. Choose the right season to visit

If you want to have the brewery all by yourself, we highly advise that you do not attend the fall beer season wherein Oktoberfests and beer venues are happening almost everywhere. Sometimes, the beauty and interior design of a pub are ruined by the crowd. It can make your beer trip less exciting.

To make sure that you’ll be able to experience a full-flavor craft beer tour in Nikiski, the first thing that you should do is to avoid the crowd of beer enthusiasts. And that is during the fall beer season only.

  1. Avoid beer group tours

For beer enthusiasts who are looking for a whole new level of adventure, make sure that you’re not going to book a beer group tour. Your options are limited, there are lots of awkward situations going to places with strangers, and you can’t sit back and relax because your coordinator will soon call you for another pub to visit.

Now, the best thing to do is to travel solo. Rent a car and drive where your instincts are telling you. Stop by the largest brewery to smallest pub in the area. You can visit as much brewery shops as you like in just a single day!

  1. Talk to locals

The best way to look for the best brewery shop in Nikiski is not found on the internet but in word of mouth by the residents. Make sure that you’re going to talk to residents and ask for their opinion, because they reside in the place. Try to learn a little bit of their language and greet them using it. No matter how weird you sound, they would appreciate your efforts and can serve as your guide to finding the best pub in town.

  1. Don’t drink too much

If you want to have a glimpse of their local beer culture, you wouldn’t be able to appreciate it if you are drunk. Have a taste, enjoy the lingering sensation inside your mouth and buy a bottle to bring home. The last thing that you wanted to experience is picking a fight with the residents inside the pub if you’ve knocked out your senses because of excessive alcohol consumption.

Aside from that, it’s not advisable to tour while you are drunk, let alone drive a car. This is important since you are traveling alone. You would wake up with a bad hangover instead of a great beer tour memory instead.  You don’t need to drink if you’re touring the breweries and sampling the great products they’re producing.  If you’re driving on your own, enjoy the ride, save the drinking for another time and just enjoy the ride and your music.  By the way, if you don’t have an amazing rig yet in your vehicle, get amplifiers from car audio logic to put together an amazing sound system for your car.

  1. Dig beyond the surface

Now, a beer tour isn’t just visiting various brewery shops and having a taste of their local beer. It’s all about understanding their culture, discussing with the brewers, sampling their local food, and learning about their tradition when it comes to beer. Make it count. You should go home with a bottle of beer and lots of information.

These are the tips that you should always keep in mind when it comes to a brewery tour. It will serve as your guide to making sure that your trip will be successful and worth both your time and money. The brewery tour is so much fun than of what you can imagine; you just need to pull off the right strings.