Can you find vegan friendly foods in Las Vegas?


Webster’s dictionary defines the term vegan as “a strict vegetarian who consumes no food (such as meat, eggs, or dairy products) that comes from animals.” Initially, some people who are not familiar with the diet of a vegan may not be able to see themselves getting their protein from other options that do not include meat and exclude their other go-to foods as well like cheese, cream and butter. 

However, those who are serious about vegan food and interested in a vegan diet should not fret because there are a plethora of delicious vegan items they can eat, as well as vegan foods that mimic their favorites like ice cream, cheese, and hamburgers, but are actually what is called vegan “cheese,” vegan “ice cream,” and vegan “burger.” 

Most importantly, with the recent Global Data report entitled “Top Trends in Prepared Foods 2017” there has been a 600% increase in people identifying as vegan from 2014 to 2017; we can easily conclude that a dietary vegan can find solace just about anywhere but Las Vegas takes the cake as one of the most accommodating places in the United States for those who are vegan looking for delicious plant-based items.

What can you eat if you are vegan?

There are many delicious foods that a vegan can eat that do not compromise their values and still provide them with a healthy dose of nutrition. A quick trip to the grocery store is all you need to have a wonderful vegan meal on a silver platter. 

The legume family will cover your red, black, and white, beans along with other selections while the grain family will take care of your needs for rice and bread giving them a nice dose of healthy carbohydrates and protein. Vegans will find that the almond, peanut, and any item from the nut family will provide them with the necessary fat needed on a regular basis. 

This proves that there are more than enough choices available for even the pickiest eater that will enable them to have health and sustenance. What is even more interesting is that “bland” items such as rice, beans, and nuts can be turned into top-notch dishes with just a few seasonings and textured choices of food like mushrooms and gluten flour that bear a striking resemblance to your favorite things to eat in look and flavor!

What do you eat as a vegan?

Although we covered the vegan foods that can be eaten, what can you do as a vegan to make eating more exciting? Ever heard of Pinterest or Youtube? There are many resources online that provide recipes for those with vegan diets without sacrificing your time or health. 

For those who may have a busy lifestyle, there are frozen vegan foods that can be found at your local grocery store that are plant-based and not fried, or full of salt that include hearty vegan staples such as rice, cauliflower, potatoes, tofu, and sautéed veggies that can be placed in the oven or microwave and ready in minutes. 

Also, many convenience stores sell raw veggie meals that have all types of fresh vegetables and seeds in salad form that you can eat right away; some even come with vegan cheese and condiments on the side making it easy to get your greens in while enjoying your favorite dish.

Does Las Vegas accommodate vegans?

Although you can easily go in any major grocery store in Las Vegas and get delicious vegan foods for your recipes at home that are a little more sophisticated than beans, rice, nuts and greens to start or continue your journey into veganism; don’t forget to check out the many awesome vegan restaurants all over Las Vegas that have mouth-watering vegan food. For example, there are Asian inspired vegan restaurants such as Veggie House and others that have awesome fried rice. 

There are Mexican inspired places in Las Vegas such as Veganos Kitchen that serve nachos with vegan cheese and sour cream. Fortunately, Las Vegas has a more delicious selection of vegan foods for the serious seeker than your average food substitution such as ice cream, cheese, and meat. 

Whether it’s your favorite sweet Thai milk tea or your food dish of choice like eggs, bacon, beef, chicken, pork or turkey; all of these dishes can be replaced with style and flavor without the harm of any animals and Las Vegas has over 20 locations that offer vegan friendly foods to help you on your quest at home or eating out!